42 Berlin: intercultural, interdisciplinary, interoperable

  1. Self-determined learning and peer learning with a growth mindset
    At “42”, students learn independently and from one another. There are no professors or lectures, but plenty of space for learners to understand the principles and master the practice of coding, as well as to develop social competence and to grow one‘s personality. Indeed we believe in the concept of the growth mindset: People who believe in their own abilities and persist in their ambitions can outgrow and transform themselves. To support students, it is the task of a modern educational institution to offer a motivating, enabling and affirming environment.
    Our 42 Fellows, experts from academia and industry, understand this and support our students by sharing their passion, knowledge and experience .
  2. Comprehensive education beyond coding
    At a coding school, students of course learn to develop software. But good software engineers should be able to do more. At 42 Berlin and 42 Wolfsburg, we encourage our students to develop a pragmatic attitude towards the world as a whole and towards organizations in particular. Besides programming, we foster an awareness for the art of living a good life. The goal is: Find your personal pace and train good habits for a life in harmony with your own needs, values and ambitions. Learn to learn. Code your own operating system for your good life.
  3. Radical inclusion
    42 Wolfsburg and 42 Berlin are based on a community principle of the Burning Man Festival — radical inclusion. We believe in the power of diversity and attract talent from extremely diverse backgrounds, worldviews and lifestyles. As with all 42 schools worldwide, there are no tuition fees and no formal qualifications that restrict access. Any adult with the talent and ambition to pass our four-week entrance examination, the so-called “Piscine”, can study with us. 42 thus represents a clear commitment to social mobility.



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42 Wolfsburg/Berlin

42 Wolfsburg/Berlin


42 is an innovative, higher education software engineering school, sponsored by Volkswagen