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42 is searching for hearty #Brainfood

42 Wolfsburg/Berlin


Today, more information is available to more people than at any other time in human history. Whereas in the past we had to deal with the problem of informational scarcity, now we are faced with the opposite problem: the overabundance of information. At the same time, as our digital well-being is being challenged by today’s attention economy, we’ve also been witnessing an increased awareness of mental balance, mindfulness, and stress reduction.

In light of these phenomena, we believe that it’s time for us to become more conscious about the ingredients and compositions of our daily informational intake. We would therefore like to develop a framework for systematically assessing the food we’re feeding to our brains.

#Brainfood is an initiative by 42 Wolfsburg intended to promote healthy and stimulating ‘information nourishments’ to allow our minds to grow wiser, sharper, and more satisfied.

The Information Diet by Clay A. Johnson (2012)

The first stage of this initiative is to start collecting recommendations from our community for nutritious content: articles, films, books, video games, events, exhibitions — anything you think will stimulate ​​and challenge critical thinking and is worthy of being included in a healthy information diet.

We, therefore, invite everyone to share their recommendations on social media making sure you tag us (@42wolfburg) and use the hashtag #brainfood. Alternatively, you can also reach out to us directly via email or social media and send us your recommendations there.

In the interest of achieving discoverability and promoting semantic interoperability, we would also like to ask you to add appropriate hashtags that describe the content you recommend, thus helping us build our 42 Folksonomy.

The insights from this initiative will also inform our Manual for Happy Software Engineers.

We will update this post as the initiative evolves. For the moment we are collecting #brainfood recommendations in this google doc. We‘d appreciate additional hashtag suggestions, reviews, and other feedback via the comment functionality.



42 Wolfsburg/Berlin

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