Learning Together in Changing Times

42 Wolfsburg’s Quarterly Update.

Our Piscines & Beyond

42 Wolfsburg has welcomed 320 Pisciners this summer, and 250 more have signed up for the November Piscine. We’re expecting to welcome around 150 new students at the upcoming December Kick-Off.

Safe Harbour Program for Dissidents & Refugees

The Safe Harbour programme, set-up in response to the Ukraine-Russia conflict, is supporting 13 refugees from 42 Kiev and 8 dissidents from 42 Moscow & Kasan to study with us and integrate into the Wolfsburg community. Some of their stories have been shared via medium; here’s Facinet’s story, and here’s Hanna’s story.

It’s All Happening in the 42 Community

The 42 community settlement in “Höfe”, in cooperation with Neuland, aims to promote student life and provide fair rental conditions as well as common spaces and services such as a bbq and gardening area, living room space, and more. 23 students have already settled in the Höfe area. The three-room apartments, just a ten minute walk from campus, provide an affordable and convenient option. Neuland offers special rental conditions for 42 Wolfsburg students, such as no deposit, short termination period as well as a furnished kitchen and bathroom with a washing machine.

Coding the Future of Mobility

On 1st September, the 42 Wolfsburg’s SEA:ME — Software Engineering in Automotive and Mobility Ecosystems — Pilot Program launched. This initial program aims to test the new advanced learning curriculum in automotive mobility. From September 2022 to February 2023, students, new learning facilitators, our tech lead Pratik and our fellows will cover one of the three pillars of the emerging SEA:ME curriculum, by working their way through the Embedded Systems Module.

Special Occasions

Our campus has come alive this summer and we have taken full advantage of our newfound freedom by hosting multiple events on our campus. We list a few of them below:



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42 Wolfsburg/Berlin

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