Alan Ruth, Infoglut (1996)

Today, more information is available to more people than at any other time in human history. Whereas in the past we had to deal with the problem of informational scarcity, now we are faced with the opposite problem: the overabundance of information. At the same time, as our digital well-being is being challenged by today’s attention economy, we’ve also been witnessing an increased awareness of mental balance, mindfulness, and stress reduction.

In light of these phenomena, we believe that it’s time for us to become more conscious about the ingredients and compositions of our daily informational intake. …

This article outlines our plan (beta version, May 2021) to build an open expert community dedicated to develop and evolve an Open Educational Resource (OER) meant to become

UNESCO Global OER Logo

a reference point for #nextGenerationEducation, #nextGenerationSoftwareEngineering #nextGenerationMobility #nextGenerationAutomotive — if you are interested to join the community please check out our Fellowship Programs.

The car of the future will listen to you, talk to you, know your favorite routes, music, and temperature settings. It will make sure you are driving safely, comfortably, and sustainably. It will be in constant communication with apps, maps, sensors, and mobility platforms. …

While 42 Wolfsburg is a peer learning school with a strong focus on project-based learning, we believe that a well-rounded programmer cares about general Education (Bildung) and the many elements in life that make up a “happy software engineer”. So at 42 Wolfsburg we really like books and believe that many of the best sources of inspiration and codified knowledge have been produced in the form of books. Reading, after all, is a form of guided meditation, an internal dialogue between author and reader and one that can especially work wonders when the authors are well-chosen.

Inspired by organizations such…

At 42 Wolfsburg we believe that software engineering should be a tool to make the world a more sustainable and connected place. We believe that high-quality education should be free and accessible to everyone. Here, we all come together to learn, collaborate and strive to be our best selves.

We are, above all, a student-centered and value-driven organization, whose aim is to educate through a peer-learning approach the next generation of programmers, thinkers, and innovators who want to make a difference in the world.

But values for us are not empty buzzwords. Rather, we wish to lead by example and…

Lasst uns während der Festtage selbst beobachten: Wie nutzen wir digitale Systeme? Und wie sollten wir sie nutzen, damit Technologie uns hilft, ein gutes Leben zu führen? Dabei essen wir Plätzchen. Und im neuen Jahr reden wir dann alle Tacheles.

Eine Weihnachtsreflexion von Anna Kaiser und Max Senges

Warum ist Weihnachten für viele von uns so wichtig? Auch wenn wir nicht religiös sind. Wenn wir unsere Familien doch auch an anderen Tagen im Jahr sehen und intensiv Zeit mit ihnen verbringen können. …

Considerations on the 42 Philosophy — Max Senges — November 2020

Banksy, Children with Paradise Landscape, 2005, Bethlehem, Palestine.

“Man is born free, but he is everywhere in chains”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Abstract & Introduction

Building on Amartya Sen’s Nobel prize winning “Development as Freedom”, I make the case for our new, truly liberal educational institution — École 42 — where students learn to be free. In 2020, we are finally ready to embrace, build and use a peer-to-peer (e)learning platform that empowers its students to learn what they consider important in life [1].

Knowledge and information are the central resources of the emergent knowledge society. What makes this…

“What‘s my purpose in Life?” → #42Wolfsburg — Whale from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (source

With the support of Volkswagen, we are bringing the French success story École 42 to Wolfsburg. 42 is the kind of software academy that many young developers are dreaming of because they have the freedom to learn what they want at their own pace.

By Dr. Max Senges [1], Ralph Linde [2] and Dr. Ralf Brunken [3]

“Was der Sinn in meinem Leben?” → #42Wolfsburg — Wal von “Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis” (Quelle

Unterstützt von Volkswagen haben wir die französische École 42 in Wolfsburg gegründet… eine Software-Akademie, von der viele junge Entwickler*innen träumen. Sie dürfen lernen, was sie wollen.

Von Dr. Max Senges [1], Ralph Linde [2] und Dr. Ralf Brunken [3]


42 is an innovative, higher education software engineering school, sponsored by Volkswagen

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